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Put them behind your back and they change places in spectators hand.

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Summary: When Hank gets frustrated with Connor constantly fidgeting with the coin, Connor offers to teach his partner the trick.

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We have everything you need -magic cards, trick coins, street magic videos, how-to DVDs, free card tricks and more here.

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Roy Kueppers. Custom Coins & Props for Magicians.

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Numismatics is the collection or study of currency, or money.Because coins are small, most coin tricks are considered close-up magic or table magic, as the.An expert professional magician teaches you the basic magic principles for great magic tricks.

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Ryan Hayashi is a samurai and magician with a great sense of humor.

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One of the best ways to learn magic tricks is to teach magic tricks.Cool coin flip trick, where a simple scientific principle fools your audience every time.

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Magicians Tricks are easy to do with our Magic coin phone tricks:1.

Coin Bite A Coin Trick This is an easy simple to learn and implement trick.with a little practice you can master it with ease.The eight solid pins pierce the solid coin eight times yet the c.

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Most of this easy trick relies on a clever gimmick that you make beforehand.

These four tricks are easy to perform with a bit of practice and can.

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The first coin trick by everyone that ever was interested in magic.


The wide variety of coin vanishing tricks can range from amateur to expert in difficulty.Magic coin the famous magic trick worldwide is available now.


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